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Why choose
Alpha Kliniek?

At Alpha Kliniek you are welcome for all concerns related to hair loss and skin attenuation. We offer many services with lots of extras. We make sure our client is in optimal comfort during their treatment. This means minimal burden, maximum results.
We are located throughout The Netherlands and Germany. We follow very strict hygiene protocols that are regularly checked and accredited conforming to EU laws. Meaning a tidy, clean and sterile working environment for our staff and clients.
All our treatments are performed by registered doctors and nurses (BIG). The high competence and experience of our medical staff are our highest priority.


Sleep Sedative
As the one and only clinic using Dexmedetomidine, a natural sleep sedative, the patient can be treated in ultimate comfort.
Platelet Rich Fibrin & CGF
An industry shocking treatment to regenerate lost tissue and natural filler.
Eyebrow Transplant
Treatment for thicker eyebrows.
Natural vitamin boost for skin and hair.

Our Service

Throughout the years, we have gathered feedback from hundreds of patients. These patients all came in contact with Alpha Kliniek through referral marketing. The result of the treatment and happiness of the patient are the best advertisements!

Alpha Kliniek was brought to life to make hair transplantation treatments better, and available for everyone.

In light of the current view and feelings that stir around hair transplantation, the doubts are having the upper hand. Many patients fly to other countries to perform the treatment, but come back with little or no result.

The most important part of a hair transplantation procedure, or even any medical treatment, is the aftercare. The client can not be left to their fate. Effort and attention from the medical specialist is needed in all cases.

Hair transplantation in foreign countries has also been in uproar the past few years. Countries such as Turkey have been trending places for hair transplantation. Not just because of the quality, but because of the prices as well. Admitting that Istanbul is known as the capital of hair transplantation, many patients we receive have had little or no aftercare treatments. This is where we saw an opportunity.

By putting extra attention on aftercare, Alpha Kliniek tracks the development of the results for one year long. Every two weeks, our medical staff comes together to brainstorm new and better ways to invest in the maintenance procedure after a treatment.

The Medical


  • Part of a 15-year-old chain of clinics.
  • Treatments only performed by highly experienced medical experts.
  • Personalized treatment plan according to your wishes,  budget, and technical feasibility.
  • Utilizing the newest methods and constantly innovating ways for pain- and fear relief.

A team that is dedicated to provide you with the best care you can imagine. We offer a listening ear and expert advice based on 15 years of experience. We get back to you on the same day for all your concerns. At Alpha Kliniek, you can feel safe!

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