''Expertise, precision, skill and innovation in treating perhaps the most valuable particle of our bodies: Hair.''

We offer you a service with high-standards. According to EU laws, we are determined to provide our clients with optimum care and help before, during, and after their visit.

All our staff meets the medical experience to professionally work in a clinic. All our medical staff is required to have a BIG number/BIG registration, which is like a Social Security Number for medical personnel. 

The assistants we train and prepare for the OP, are carefully run through an exhaustive but qualifying training program. Assistants are required to only ‘watch-and-learn’ for at least six months before they can start practicing a treatment.

All our materials are sterile and single-use only. So each client has his or her own material set. Before we welcome you in one of our rooms, we make sure everything is thoroughly cleaned with antibacterial soap.

14 facilities throughout The Netherlands and Germany
Specialists with at least 12 years experience in the industry
Our staff are always ready to help you whenever you need
We work according to the highest standards of medical practicalities
Each clinic has its own design, which makes each visit more fun.
We use the latest technology on the market, always staying ahead


At Alpha Kliniek, what you see is what you get. We promise real results, rather than ideal results. Therefore we discuss with you all the possibilities in gaining again a full head of hair before we start. This advice is dependent on the amount of hair follicles you might need, current lifestyle, and medical history. Our (operative) treatments are performed in impeccable, easily accessible clinics. These facilities permit us to not fully charge our clients as much as A-located clinics. Due to  minimalism, yet clean and organized, we can maintain easy overview and superior hygiene.

Additionally, when it comes to hair transplantation, our prices depend not on the amount of grafts transplanted, but on one single hair transplantation procedure from beginning to end. At Alpha Kliniek, treatments begin and end with one fixed cost ratio. Along with our basic interior, high costs are not heaved on the client. Tidy, sterile, safe, minimalistic, and functional.


Our workforce consists mainly of BIG-registered doctors, (hair transplantation) medical specialist, and qualified nurses. Dr. M.S. Genco has been doing innovative research for pain- and fear relief methods in the medical world. For instance hosting our own sedation congress in The Netherlands each year, being Europe’s first fear- and pain relief medical congress. Our hair transplantation medical personnel has more than 12 years experience in performing various (operative) treatments against hair loss. All treatments undergo under the supervision of a qualified BIG-registered doctor.


Alpha Kliniek consists of 12 facilities in The Netherlands, and 4 in Germany. In all these facilities we can perform consultations, aftercare treatments, and check-ups. The hair transplantation treatments are performed in Ede and Zaandam, and in Germany: Bielefeld and Cologne.

Our hair specialist team is available on weekdays, consultations are done over video with the doctor himself and our hair transplantation specialist. You will then have direct communication with the performers of your procedure and may state all your concerns.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on WhatsApp, e-mail, and phone calls to ensure support for our clients.

Client focus

At Alpha Kliniek, the client is king or queen. “We want to serve.”

We understand how exciting or maybe fearful it can be to undergo a medical procedure. At our service you may feel at ease, we understand what you are going through and we are here to support and help you by careful listening.

You will be presented a personalized treatment plan, depending on your budget, wish and technical feasibility. Before, during, and after the treatment, the team will stay in close contact with you in the aftercare process, and even months after your treatment. That being said, you are not on your own, we will do this together. 

During a consult, you will meet the (hair transplantation) medical specialist directly and receive all necessary information about hair growth and hair transplantation. A consultation is open-ended and free of charge.

Always in

Good hands

“Our prices do not depend on the amount of grafts transplanted. We promise an operation with maximum hair follicles as possible, meaning what will be realistic, natural, and would have no significant damage on the condition of the donor area.”

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