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At Alpha Kliniek we are all for hair restoration. On the following page you will read about hair transplantation methods, techniques, and what to do before and after a hair transplantation.

Many damages that can occur in hair follicles are a factor in hair loss. The method known as hair transplantation among most people as the replacement of hair taken from the person’s donor area (back of the head) to the bald area. This is the most effective and permanent method in this regard. More specifically, hair transplantation is the process of transferring the roots taken from the donor area to sparse areas. Different techniques can be used in the transfer process.


Although there are different methods in hair transplantation, the FUT technique, which is known as the classical method, has not been preferred in recent years as a painless method such as the FUE technique has started to be accepted. The FUE technique is preferred as a method that allows the patient to return to his social life in a much shorter time and promises faster results.

Latest Technology: Painless System in Hair Transplantation

Basic information

About hair transplantation

Hair transplantation can be applied to anyone who has  active hair loss and a certain bald area on the scalp. Hair transplantation can be done on women as well as on men. However, the success rate of hair transplantation may decrease in patients with dermatological conditions such as eczema or psoriasis compared to other patients. Even if there is an increase in hair loss due to seasonal changes, you can benefit from hair transplantation in all seasons of the year. The procedure can take 6 to 9 hours depending on the patient’s condition… Since the hair transplanted after the procedure will appear shorter than the others, the patient can use a hat or scarf if he is uncomfortable. If you are going to choose a hat or scarf, you should wait for about 10 days after the operation.

One month after the application, hair loss occurs in the area where hair transplantation is performed. However, since this is a natural part of the process, the patient does not need to be anxious. New hair grows over a long period of time. After about 6 months, the transplanted hair starts gaining a natural appearance.


What is the FUE method?

So how is hair transplantation done with the FUE technique? Before starting, local anesthesia is injected to prevent the patient from feeling pain. In line with the previously created plan, enough hair follicles are collected from the nape area and transferred to a petri dish containing ionized water, PRP, and ATP. These petri dishes are then chilled with a unique cooling system.

After the extraction part, we start making hollow incisions called ‘canals’. This is where the new hair follicles will be placed in later on. The incisions are placed in an angle of about 45 degrees, so it naturally grows along with your existing hair. It is of utmost importance that a stranger on the street does not notice you have undergone a hair transplantation. The results are mainly determined by the canalization process.

In the implantation part, each hair follicle is carefully implanted in the designated canal. The overall procedure time varies between 6 and 9 hours. Since the FUE technique does not require stitches, it does not cause visible scars on the scalp.

The FUE technique is frequently preferred in recent years due to its painless nature. In the FUT technique, the patient may feel pain after the operation because the donor area is taken together with the skin. In addition, the patient takes more time to return to their normal life. The fast completion of the FUE technique and its application without incision make it preferred by both patients and physicians. 

What awaits the client in the

process after hair transplantation?

After the hair transplantation process is completed, the area from where the hair follicle were collected is kept dressed for one day after the procedure. The coming 10 to 13 days after the transplantation the client follows a strict washing routine with our special shampoo and lotions. The client will also take medication, provided by us, in the 5 days after the treatment. We can not stress enough how important the first 10 days after the transplantation is. It is in this time that the survival rate of implanted hair follicles is determined. Rest assured, we provide you with detailed information and instructions to successfully complete your aftercare process, and we are available on call to guide you through it.

In the first month after the hair transplantation, many of the newly implanted hair will fall out, sometimes even along with your own hair. This process is called shock loss, a very normal reaction of your body to the transplantation. The root of the hair, of course, stays in, the hair falls out. 

From the third month after the treatment, your hair will slowly start growing. In this time, you have also begun aftercare and maintenance treatments which also strengthens the newly formed hair strands. 

6 to 7 months after the treatment, 60% of all newly formed hair will be visible, but not fully grown. Depending how close the newly transplanted hair is to the crown (which is the least flowing vessel point of our body), new hair may take up to 2 years to fully achieve natural thickness and length.

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Alpha Kliniek is a collaborative company run by both experts in the hair industry and business-people. This combination is not often seen. The idea behind this is perfectly explained by our core values.

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    Healthy Hair

    Hair Transplantation (FUE)
    Operations performed by the highest standards and newest methods.
    Moustache Transplantation
    Extracting hair follicles from the donor area to have a thicker mustache.
    Beard Transplant
    Extracting hair follicles from the donor area to have a thicker beard.
    Eyebrow Transplant
    Extracting hair follicles from the donor area to have thicker eyebrows.
    PRP & Mesotherpay
    Injection of useful, natural products that stimulate hair growth and skin rejuvenation.
    Needle-free System
    Solutions for fear of needles. Such as needle-free anesthesia and a natural sleep sedative.
    DHI Hair Transplantation
    Increasing density of existing hair through the innovative DHI method.
    Sapphire Blade
    Canalization process performed by a sharp Sapphire blade, which ensures a better healing process.

    Awesome Comments

    We asked several clients in the hair transplantation process of their opinion on Genco Clinics services.

    12 monthsMr. Visser

    “I am very satisfied! The hair transplant itself went well. Furthermore, I can always contact for questions 24-7. Good aftercare, instructions and explanation about everything. Anesthesia worked well. You also have the choice of different types of anesthesia. Service in the clinic is good too. You are well cared for and the staff is very patient. Furthermore, everything is also clean. Attention for extra hygiene was also in place.”

    13 monthsMr. Mourat

    “I am very satisfied and you hardly see that a hair transplant has been done. I have had a hair transplant treatment and PRP, I have already seen results after a few months and I am very satisfied with it. Also with the service within the clinic. B. Genco gives his clients full attention and good aftercare. I would certainly like to come back for maintenance treatments if necessary and refer other clients here as well.”

    9 monthsMr. Maliq

    “I am very satisfied with the result and the service. I have been well served and I am satisfied with everything. Thanks!”

    16 monthsMr. Jan

    “I am very satisfied with the service and reception by Mr. B. Genco and everyone who was present. I am not very far in the months to say that I already see the total result. But my hair growth has started and everyone is asking for it. Patience is a virtue, you need it even after a hair transplant. And I can always reach out with any questions to the business owner B. Genco. He gives me sufficient information and aftercare and is happy to help his clients. Furthermore, they take good care of you.”

    5 monthsMr. Casper

    “I am very satisfied with the result. Dr. Genco was also very supportive and patient, just like his son B. Genco. We have had excellent service and are satisfied with the result and are happy to come for further treatments. You can also reach them for all aftercare questions. It all feels trustworthy and this has now also been fully proven.”


    New Technology


    We utilize the newest technology available on the market. Such as the FUE method, Dense Hair Implantation (DHI) method, and the Sapphire Diamond blade method.


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