Feel welcomed in our clinic to discuss the benefits and applications of a PRP treatment. On this page you will not only find out how PRP is prepared but also different treatment techniques for skin renewal and hair growth.

PRP is a natural product retrieved from the clients own blood plasma. After a delegate preparation procedure blood platelets (enriched with growth factors) will applied in or on various parts of the body. This being mainly the skin and scalp. The least invasive method of application is the derma rolling technique. Applied on our skin it will stimulate a process called skin rejuvenation, or skin renewal. It also treats acne, scar tissue and wrinkles. Lastly, PRP can be combined with vitamins and fillers to treat painful joints and caps.


Applied on the scalp, PRP has many hair growth advantages. It puts a brake on hair loss and boosts hair growth by a ten fold. This treatment is also highly advised if one has had a hair transplantation to remain feeding the implanted hair roots.

Latest Technology: Stem-cells and PURP.

What steps are involved

in the treatment?

First we discuss the realistic possibilities on a consultation over the phone, video or in our clinic. This consult is open ended and free of charge. We carefully discuss a list of questions regarding health, lifestyle and of course the client’s wish. After all, PRP being an own body product, the results are in line with the overall health of the patient. 90% of people who apply are eligible for treatment.

After the consultation you can visit one of our clinics for the treatment. Prior to the procedure we ask you to prepare by reducing smoking and alcohol. We discuss the treatment plan. PRP, not mistaken, is a treatment cure. Therefore the PRP is undergone every month for at least 6 to 8 months in a row. PRP can also be performed of at least 20 days in between treatments. Results are obtained several weeks to a month later and will keep improving once the plan has ended. The results being new skin tissue and hair growth.

What are the treatment techniques?

PRP can be applied with derma rolling or injections. The treatment regions can be the face, décolleté and hands. It stimulates skin renewal and reduces acne. If on other parts of the body acne resides, application is also possible. This being regions like the shoulder, back or chest. Lastly, it treats scar tissue (e.g. striae) and wrinkles (e.g. eyes or hands).

Applying PRP on our scalp will result in a boost in hair growth. The treatment is only applicable if there is hair present on the regions of injection. By treating bald spots there will be no result in hair growth. Hence, the result of a successful treatment plan is reducing current hair loss and boosting your current hair. The PRP is injected with tiny needle tips to gently reach the hair root under the scalp.

If you are suffering from painful joints or scapula caps, PRP can only be applied with an ultrasound device. The results are lowering the pain by creating new moisture between the body’s cartilage. The effects can be strengthened by adding natural fillers and vitamins.

Derma rolling is a worldwide known treatment method. By making channels in the skin’s tissue a process of renewal is stimulated on the region of application. The channels are 0.5 to 2.0 millimeters depending on the region. After that a serum like PRP, hyaluronic acid or vitamin C is covered over the skin or biotin in the hair root skin tissue (scalp).

Because PRP is a body owned product there are several techniques to retrieve a higher concentration of applicable serum. We have brought out our own PURP™ method to subtract more growth factors from normal PRP. Because of a unique centrifuging process a higher dosis of blood platelets is gathered. PURP™ can be applied to all of the treatment techniques mentioned above. During a consult we would be happy to tell you more about PURP™.

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